Tolani Shobajo, also known as Tolani Baj, a former housemate on Big Brother Naija Reality Program, has said that the Internet trolls who called her “ugly” are “unhappy individuals.”

The reality TV actress boasted that she is the “Queen of drags” and claimed that she consistently scores endorsement deals as a result of her troll behavior.

The most recent audiovisual podcast from BTS Reality featured Tolani Baj.

I wouldn’t say bloggers even called me unattractive, the woman responded. The trolls on Twitter, na, are folks who, as I’ve come to see, are just sad people.

“I’m the Queen of dragging!” What will happen the next day if they drag me? The next day, I get a call from a brand that wants to sign me… And I’m not even attempting it. “I’m just a star!”

“When I got out of Big Brother, the [trolls’] comments used to get to me,” she continued. But now I don’t even read the comments because these are the same people who will approach me and beg me to take pictures.

“You will see me and shake no matter what nonsense you tweet about me on Twitter.” You will shake when you see Tolani Baj in person. You’ll want a photograph and an autograph. I know what I’m saying about stackers.

“So, when I see tweets like these, I just assume they’re unhappy or envious, or they’re probably having a bad day or a bad week and they’re looking for someone to pour their rage on,” Tolani Baj added.

In addition, While it’s true that unhappy people may resort to lashing out and insulting others, it’s important to remember that not everyone who calls someone else “ugly” is necessarily unhappy. There could be many reasons why someone might use hurtful language towards others, such as insecurity, jealousy, or even just an unkind personality.

It’s important to remember that other people’s opinions and words do not define your worth or value as a person. Your own self-perception and self-worth should not be determined by what others say about you.

If someone is being unkind towards you, it’s important to address the behavior in a constructive way. Let them know how their words are making you feel and try to have a conversation about why they are saying these things. If the behavior continues, it may be necessary to distance yourself from that person and seek support from others who treat you with kindness and respect.