We’re going to provide you a complete overview of how to start a music career in Nigeria in this article. We believe that this message is intended to be helpful.

In Nigeria, the music industry has been there for a while and is thriving. Legends like Sunny Ade, Fela, and 2Baba were produced, some of whom are even well-known on a global scale.

Many young Nigerian artists are promoting our country abroad, and if you plan your career carefully, you might become one of the country’s most successful citizens. We’ll show you how to achieve it in this article if you’re interested in achieving your aim of performing your music in front of more than 30,000 people at Teslim Balogun Stadium.

A description of the Nigerian music market

The Nigerian music industry is huge, and while establishing a career there are many things to take into account. Young, ambitious artists frequently struggle to find success because they lack a solid plan for the future.

With no fan group, social media footprint, career strategy, or objective, many of them typically only release one track as a single once every year. Even though there is no formula for success, many different artists have found success through various methods.

Because a career in music requires labor and requires that you conduct yourself and look professional, there is a set process for becoming an expert.


This statement is problematic since success in the context of music can signify a number of different things. But we’ll handle the financial portion. In Nigeria, A-list entertainers like Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Simi, Olamide, and others often demand performance fees between 3 and 2 million naira.

Another major benefit is that this celebrity can support multiple brands as long as they don’t make the same product. Yes, if you represent a brand like Pepsi, you get Pepsi delivered to your house every month. Some of them even get lifelong supplies of the company’s goods.

How to Begin Your Music Career in Nigeria

Pay close attention as we explain in simple terms how to start your music career in Nigeria. Below are some topics you might think about as you pursue a music career in Nigeria.

Plan ahead

The “I promise myself list” is a thorough overview of the objectives you have for your musical career for the upcoming year, and we would like you to refer to it as such. You should release an album, mixtape, or a single once a month if you want to expand your fan base or work with a well-known artist.

Put Solo Songs out

Popular songs are more appealing to most Nigerians than albums or mixtapes. Go with the flow rather than trying to change this mindset when you first start your employment. Additionally, it is less expensive to record solo tracks than it is to make an album with about 9 songs.

You should only consider releasing a record if you have 200 or more fans, at which point you can be sure that people will purchase it.

We listen to a lot of music, so we typically know when a tune is going to be a hit. Nigerians adore tracks that have a good beat, are relatable and can be danced to. Consider tunes like Fia by Davido, On the Low by Burna Boy, and Case by Teni.

Although the lyricism in Nigerian music is very poor, you shouldn’t just sing “baby your waist na kprokopro”; instead, strive to perform songs with deeper meaning.

Pick Your Producer Carefully

There are some strange creators out there, as we can attest from personal experience. The majority of them only invest in a notebook, a microphone, and some speakers before posing as sound engineers.

Choose the type of studio you want to use carefully, and feel free to ask for advice from other upcoming artists on social media. A typical audio session at a studio will cost between 15 and 20,000 naira.

The musicians who charge up to 200,000 nairas include Lord Sky, killer beats, Fresh, Sarz, and others as your music career advances and produce beat from scratch.

In addition to being more affordable, this gives you more artistic power over your music, allowing you to write a song on the spur of the moment without having to pay anyone.

Invest in Your Brand

The music industry or label is one where your brand is everything. It has to do with how others view you and your music. Create a distinctive logo for your business, hire a photographer, and promote your songs on streaming platforms.

The development of your brand also depends heavily on your social media presence. Make sure your social media pages are engaging and active.

Be Patient and Persistent.

In Nigeria, launching a music career is not an immediate success. It necessitates patience, time, and effort. Be persistent in attending concerts, networking, and promoting your music. Before you obtain a big break like Ambassadors deal, it can take some time, but don’t lose sight of your objectives.

Choose a Seasoned Team

Finally, you need a skilled team behind you if you want to flourish in the Nigerian music industry. A manager, publicist, and attorney are included in this.

A manager can assist you with bookings, partnerships, and marketing; a publicist can help you secure media attention. A lawyer can assist you with legal matters and contracts.

In conclusion, beginning a music career as an artist in Nigeria is a difficult but worthwhile endeavor. It necessitates perseverance, effort, and persistence.

You can create a successful music career in Nigeria by creating your own distinctive sound, expanding your network, comprehending the business of music, investing in your brand, being persistent and patient, and hiring a qualified staff.