Registration For BB9ja 2023 Season 8 Audition | Date: May, 2023

BB9ja (Big Brother Naija) is a reality television program produced in Nigeria where contestants are chosen by popular vote, Between 12 and 26 contestants compete for the grand prize of $100,000,000 (One Hundred Million Naira).

The BB9ja (Big Brother Naija) channel on DSTV and GOTV is where the program is shown, though the housemates that received the full packages so far are listed below:

Katung Aduwak won the first season of the reality competition show

Katung Aduwak – BB9ja

Katung Aduwak won the first season of the reality competition show, which also included Ebuka, one of the most well-liked housemates and the program’s current host.

efe bb9ja winner

Efe – BB9ja

11 years after the first season, in which Efe Ejeba with the catchphrase “Based on Logistics” won in 2017, the second season of Big Brother Nigeria (also known as Big Brother Naija) debuted.

BB9ja 2023 Season 8 Audition

Miracle – BB9ja

In 2018, Miracle Igbokwe of Imo State was declared the season 3 winner. While Mercy Eke (Lambo) won the 2018 season’s fourth competition (edition 4).

BB9ja 2023 Season 8 Audition

Laycon – bb9ja

BB9ja Lock Down season 5, which took place between July and October 2020, was won by Laycon. He received awards totaling 80 million naira as payment.

BB9ja 2023 Season 8 Audition

Whitemoney – BB9ja

Whitemoney took home the 90 million naira grand prize for winning the “Lock Down” season 6 episode. The season 6 grand finale of the show took place.

BB9ja 2023 Season 8 Audition

Phyna – BB9ja

Big Brother Naija Level Up’s seventh season, which took place between July and October 2020, was won by Phyna. She received awards totaling 100 million naira as payment.

I’ll walk you through the steps to properly apply for the Big Brother Naija season 8, Big Brother Titans season 1 reality show and how to ace the audition in the paragraphs that follow.

Register For BB9ja 2023 Season 8 Audition

Big Brother Naija season 8’s online application process for housemates is not yet available. When the form is released, you can get it from the BBNaija audition website at

BB9ja 2023 Season 8 Audition

Social media platforms offer information about the form. The most recent information regarding changes to the application form will also be continuously updated in this page. To sign up for the audition, follow the steps listed below.

BB9ja 2023 Season 8 Registration Guideline

If the Producers choose you for the next round of auditions, you must be available for a potential video interview.

You will be notified through email if you are chosen to move on to the next level. Check your email to see if you qualify, and ensure that your email address is accurate.

You must be willing to come to Lagos at a time set by the Producers at their sole discretion if you are chosen by the Producers for an interview. This is necessary for the final selection process.

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For the length of your participation in the contest, the house is fully equipped with video and audio recording devices that will continuously record, broadcast, and display your movements and voice in every room and space of the house for the duration of the contest.

The Producers and the general public who watch on television, the internet, mobile devices, and any other medium will always be monitoring you.


  • EMAIL:

Factors behind BB9ja housemate losses

It is unclear what specific “housemates” or competition you are referring to. However, if you are referring to a reality TV show such as BB9ja or any other similar program, there are several factors that could potentially lead to a housemate’s loss:

  • Unpopular personality: If a housemate has an unpopular personality or consistently engages in behavior that the audience finds distasteful, they may lose votes and support from viewers.
  • Lack of strategic gameplay: In a competition where strategic gameplay is key, housemates who do not play the game strategically may not make it far in the competition.
  • Poor social skills: Housemates who struggle to connect with other contestants or who are perceived as socially awkward may not be able to form alliances or gain support from their fellow housemates.
  • Lack of entertainment value: Reality TV is all about entertainment, and housemates who are not engaging, interesting, or entertaining may lose votes from viewers who are looking for entertaining content.
  • Inability to handle conflicts: Conflicts and drama are a staple of reality TV shows, and housemates who are unable to handle conflicts or who engage in too much drama may lose support from viewers who find their behavior unappealing.
  • Lack of physical or mental strength: Depending on the nature of the competition, housemates who are physically or mentally weaker than their competitors may not be able to keep up with the challenges and may ultimately lose.
  • Poor strategy in nominations: In a competition where contestants nominate each other for eviction, housemates who fail to nominate strategically or who make unpopular nominations may lose support from their fellow contestants and the audience.

In conclusion, he 2019 Big Brother Naija auditions were place in eight significant cities across Nigeria. Lagos, Abuja, Warri, Benin, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Calabar, and Enugu are among the cities. Due to COVID_19 pandemic restrictions, the 2020, 2021, and 2022 auditions were conducted online.

Hopefully, If there are any changes for the 2023 audition, we’ll keep you informed.